Volunteer Safety

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that tree lot volunteer activities are performed in a safe manner.  The volunteer responsibilities for safety include:
  • No volunteer should undertake a job until he/she has received instructions on how to do it properly and safely.
  • No volunteer should undertake a job that appears to be unsafe.
  • No volunteer should use chemicals without fully understanding their toxic properties and without the knowledge required to work with them safely in accordance with the Archdiocese of San Francisco's Hazard Communication Program available in the Nativity school office.
  • No volunteer should engage in horseplay or unsafe behavior.
  • Mechanical safeguards must always be kept in place.
  • Volunteers are to report to a superior or designated individual all unsafe conditions encountered during work. Reports may be made anonymously by filling out the Notification of Safety Hazard form and dropping it into a drop box located outside the Nativity School office.
  • Personal protective equipment must be used when and where required, and properly maintained.
  • Any work-related injury or illness suffered, however slight, must be reported to the Nativity School principal and Tree Lot Chair at once.