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Truck Unloading

We generally receive three shipments of trees on large 53' trucks. Each delivery includes about 600 trees, ranging in size from 2' to 13' in length. The unloading will be on weekday mornings; from 8:15-10:45am on Wed. 11/27, Tue. 12/3 and Thu. 12/5. We would very much appreciate assistance from volunteers that can make those shifts. The responsibilities of the unloading volunteers are to:
  • Unload trees from truck.
  • Confirm measurements and tally of tree delivery.
  • Stock trees on pallets.
It is very important that trees are not damaged during this process. Be careful not to carry trees too close to the tip, and avoid standing on trees and breaking branches when working inside the truck. Do not be too rough with trees when moving them onto pallets.