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The responsibilities of delivery volunteers are to:
  • Load and unload trees to/from delivery pickup trucks.
  • Deliver trees to customers in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, and Atherton.
  • Collect payment from customers when necessary.
Please be sure to bring your favorite work gloves. Delivery locations can sometimes be dark, so it is also very helpful to bring a headlamp or flashlight. Please note that we have trucks available; we only need drivers and movers!

Dos and Don'ts
There are a few things to watch out for when working on deliveries.  They include:
  • Try to always have at least two people moving a tree. This will avoid any damage to branches that can sometimes occur when you carry a tree by yourself and it is pressed up against you.
  • Carry tree that is on a stand by a single cross-piece, rather than alternate cross-pieces. This avoids putting torque on the joint, which can cause the nail holes in the plastic bowl to widen and subsequently leak water.

  • Be sure to check if order is marked "Paid".  Collect payment if needed, cash or check only, and return with white copy of sales order receipt.
  • Mark delivery form "Completed" after delivery. Always return forms to cashier.
  • If tree needs to be "straightened", advise customer to shim. You may also carry wood shims with you from tree lot. Do not attempt to straighten by forcing tree over while holding stand--this can create leaks in the plastic water bowl.
  • Advise customer to place a water barrier between tree stand and floor.
  • Watch out for heating vents--any vents close to trees should be closed to prevent accelerated drying out of the tree.
  • DO accept tips--thanking customer and letting them know it will go to the School as a donation.
Insurance Coverage
All drivers must be otherwise insured for driving.  In the unfortunate event of an accident in which a Nativity driver is at fault, the delivery truck owner's insurance would cover the costs of the accident first. Those costs would subsequently be recovered from the driver's insurance. So please drive carefully.  We also ask all drivers to abstain from any alcoholic drinks before and during their shift. 

We are very grateful for those people who donate trucks for the use of the tree lot.  It would be very difficult otherwise to offer our delivery service.  For 2015, our thanks go out to the following donors:
  • Bonnie Neylan
  • Bob and Diana Oyster