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Tree Sales / Shipper

Responsibilities: you must be able to help move a tree
  • Helping to carry trees to the tree cutting stand or customer vehicles.
    • When you hear "Shipper", that's you! :-) and means the shop guys want you to move a tree out of the shop to the correct location
  • Providing general sales information to customers on the floor.
  • Watering trees on the lot and delivery area.
  • Spinning trees to show them off for customers.
  • Restocking tree racks.
  • Stocking trees in the delivery area.
  • Accompanying delivery volunteers on delivery of very large trees.
Tree sales/shipper volunteers interact directly with our customers and are critical members to making the tree lot function smoothly.  They are also one of the big reasons we have such a good reputation in the community.  Responsibilities include carrying trees for customers, and sometimes loading them on cars.  Other tasks may include some or all of the following:
    Dos and Don'ts
    There are a few things to watch out for when working as a tree sales/shipper volunteer.  They include:
    • Try to always have two people moving a tree; yourself with another volunteer or the customer. This will avoid any damage to branches that can sometimes occur when you carry a tree by yourself and it is pressed up against you.
    • Carry tree that is on a stand by a single cross-piece, rather than alternate cross-pieces. This avoids putting torque on the joint, which can cause the nail holes in the plastic bowl to widen and subsequently leak water.

    • Stock trees in delivery area according to size. Make sure the tag is at eye height (4 to 5 ft. from base) and facing the aisle. Fill water bowl immediately after stocking.
    • Do not overstock tree racks; a good number is 6 to 8 trees per side depending on the size. 

    • When tying trees onto vehicle rooftops:
      • Place tree base facing front of car.
      • Use separate lengths of twine to secure tree in a minimum of three locations; base, middle and top.
      • Open all four doors when tying off to center door column on cars without a roof rack.  Try to add a fourth tie down securing tree top or base to tow-point or hitch.
    • DO accept tips--thanking customer and letting them know it will go to the School as a donation.