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1 Basic Cashiering Instructions
The following sections describe the basic cashiering operations. They include:
  • Processing transactions using the iPad Square Register app.
  • Processing purchases including delivery and flameproofing services.
  • How to tag trees with Take-home, Hold, Pickup or Delivery tags.
  • Fulfilling delivery and pickup orders.
  • Processing "Hold" trees.
  • Fulfilling flameproofing services.
  • Recording donations to Nativity School.
If you have past experience cashiering on the tree lot, we recommend you either review the following sections, or the slide-only cashiering training presentation below. If you are new to cashiering, you should attend the in-person training, or follow the YouTube video below of the cashiering training presentation.
1.1 Using The Square App
The Square Register app on the iPad is very easy to use.  We use it as a register to process transactions at the time of payment (e.g. pre-ordered trees where payment is made C.O.D. have their transactions entered after delivery). Square keeps accurate records of every transaction which we use to track inventory and sales, so it is important every transaction of trees (sale, outgoing donation, barter) be recorded in the Square Register app.

The quickest way to access all of the for-sale items is to tap the “heart” in the bottom menu.  This takes you to a graphical view of all the different items as shown in Figure 1.  Many of the items that are shown include multiple price points which will pop up in a separate sub-menu when you select the Item.  For instance, selecting Douglas will have a sub-menu popup with all the different sizes; 4-5ft, 5-6ft, and so on. 

The simple numeric “keypad” should NOT be used for transactions.


Figure 1: Favorites Screen Showing All Items and Popup (on Right)

Once you select an item for sale, it appears in a horizontal invoice list at the top of the Square register. Alternatively, you can hold the iPad horizontal, and the invoice list appears vertically on the right. The items in the current invoice list can be edited by simply selecting the item in the invoice list.  For instance, Figure 2 shows a Garland item (which is sold by the foot) being selected in the invoice list.  At this point, you can select and edit the quantity being sold with a popup keyboard.  This is a much simpler method of indicating the sale of 20 x 1ft. of garland compared to selecting the 1ft. Garland item 20 separate times.

After entering all items, follow the instructions to process either cash or credit card payments.  Square supports only email and text receipts to customers.  In the event a customer would prefer a hardcopy receipt, email the receipt to cashier@nativitytrees.com, then fill out a plain sales order receipt with the total billed.

Please note that we prefer cash or check payments since there are no associated credit card transaction fees.  Also, please do NOT manually enter credit card numbers as there are higher transaction fees associated with this action---try switching the card reader instead and swiping again.


Figure 2: Editing Invoice List to Specify a Quantity (e.g. 20 x 1ft. Garland)

The Square Register has also been upgraded to allow discounts to be applied to individual items, or to the entire invoice.  For instance, a 100% discount can, and should be applied to the entire invoice amount when the transaction is recording an outgoing donation or barter of a tree for other services (for instance, we barter trees for advertising with the Almanac).  In order to apply a discount to an individual item, select the item in the invoice list, choose Discounts in the popup menu, and then choose the discount to apply as shown in Figure 3. Alternatively, select Library->Discounts and choose a discount to apply to the entire invoice as shown in Figure 4.  In order to apply a discount a PIN code will be required--have a tree lot committee member or lead cashier enter the PIN


Figure 3: Applying an Individual Item Discount


Figure 4: Applying a Total Invoice Discount

1.2 Processing Purchases

  1. One cashier should go to tree cutting line and do the following:
    1. Tag trees for pick up, delivery, hold, or take home (see 1.4)
    2. Complete customer name, phone number and tree type/size information on top half of Onsite Order Form / Take-Home Form
    3. Give customer form to take to cashier area for payment, and delivery scheduling if needed
  2. When customer comes to cashiering area
    1. If customer is taking the tree home right then, skip to Step 4
    2. Take Hold trees to delivery area, skip to Step 5
  3. For pickup, delivery, or flameproofing:
    1. If delivery:
      1. Consult Delivery Book and customer to determine delivery date / time.
      2. Complete entry in Delivery Book.
      3. Complete delivery section of Onsite Order Form.
      4. Note: There is a $10 surcharge for deliveries outside of MP, PA, RC, and Atherton.  No delivery to locations further than 25 minutes drive one-way according to Google Maps.
    2. If pickup:
      1. Confirm pickup date / time with customer.
    3. If flameproof:
      1. Enter information into Flameproof Book.  Ensure that pickup / delivery date is at least 24 hours from time we will be able to flameproof tree.
  4. Process payment
    1. Enter all purchases in iPad square application
    2. Take and process payment in iPad square application
    3. Provide customer with thank you card and tree care instructions
  5. File Onsite Order Forms for delivery/pick-up/hold/flameproof in date folders; Discard Take Home Order Forms.

1.3 Tagging Trees
  1. Tags are color-coded as follows:  
    1. BEIGE (manila tag) - Take-home
    2. RED - Delivery
    3. YELLOW - Pickup
    4. BLUE - Hold
  2. Position tag on tree 5' from base of tree so it can be easily seen when tree is vertical.
  3. Wrap tag wires around branch -- don’t twist.  
  4. Include the following details on back of all tags (don’t complete front):
    1. Last Name, First Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Tree type and size
    4. Cutting and stand instructions
      1. Fresh cut only - F/C Only
      2. Bowl and stand - B + S
      3. Customer stand
    5. Any other special instructions, for example . . .
      1. Any specific customer requirements as to final height
      2. Whether to call customer when cutting
      3. Whether to save greens for customer, etc.
    6. Add flameproof tag if flameproofing

Figure 5: How to Tag Trees

1.4 Pre-orders
This is for customers who want to pre-order a tree from an upcoming delivery

1.4.1 Pre-orders requested onsite

  1. Check Inventory sheet in the Pre-order Book to make sure tree will be available.
    • Enter a tickmark next to desired tree type and size on inventory sheet to indicate a tree will be pulled from that truck unloading.
  2. Complete an onsite order form, one per delivery location or date.
    • Enter customer information on form, complete appropriate tags.
    • Staple tree/wreath tags to back of Pre-order Form.For split orders, enter unique names e.g. Smith(A), Smith(B), etc.
    • Complete scheduling and payment processing steps 3-5 of section 1.3. Make sure delivery dates are at least 2 days (2 days if flameproofing) after truck unloading
  3. Avoid offering C.O.D. preorders---if this is necessary, complete blank sales order receipt and staple to Pre-order form.
  4. File Pre-order Form in “PULL” folder corresponding to truck unloading when tree will be pulled.

1.4.2 Pre-Order requested by phone or email
Customer should have completed the Pre-Order form that is available on the website orwhich has been mailed to them. These are treated essentially the same as onsitepre-orders, except:

  1. Call customer in order to determine delivery times, any special tree requests.
  2. If delivery is outside of area (not MP, RC, PA, Atherton), be sure to inform customer of $10 delivery surcharge and modify total on pre-order form.
  3. Complete blank sales order receipt and staple to pre-order form.
1.4.3 Fullfilling Pre-orders
Setting aside Pre-ordered trees should happen during or immediately after truck unloading to ensure that the needed trees are not sold.
  1. Pull all Pre-orders from the appropriate PULL file and set aside appropriate trees. Make sure trees are in good condition.
  2. Attach the tag from the relevant Pre-order Form to the tree.
  3. Leave by cutting station if delivery/pickup is in next two days, else move to delivery area.
  4. File Pre-order Form in Date folders.
1.5 Fulfilling Pickups & Deliveries
folders should be reviewed at least two days in advance to ensure that trees are prepared in time for pick up or delivery.  This is especially important for trees that require flameproofing as this has to be done 24 hours before pick up or delivery.

1.5.1 Not marked “Ready to Deliver” on Onsite Order or Pre-order Form
  1. Check to make sure tree has been set aside in the delivery area.
  2. As necessary, have stand installed, flameproofing done, etc. and put tree back in delivery area.
  3. Mark Onsite / Pre-Order form as “Ready to Deliver” when tree is ready to go
  4. Highlight the “Paid” box on form if the tree has not yet been paid for and re-file by appropriate delivery date
1.5.2 Upon delivery or pickup
  1. Highlight entry in delivery book when sending out order form with tree for deliery.
  2. Make sure delivery personnel know to collect C.O.D. payments if form is not marked “Paid”.  The form should also have a handwritten sales order receipt already attached. Customer should receive yellow copy of receipt only.
  3. All order forms should be returned to the lot.
  4. ENTER the transaction into Square for those orders which were C.O.D.  White copy of sales receipt can then be discarded.
  5. File all “order completed” forms in Completed folders.
1.6 Customer Return for Hold Tree
  1. Pull the Onsite Order form from the appropriate Date folders.
  2. Ask floater to retrieve tree from delivery and ask Customer if they want any other services.
  3. Complete tagging, scheduling and payment processing steps 2-5 of 1.2.
1.7 Flameproofing
  1. Upon completion of flameproofing, flameproofers should sign flameproof tag, move tag to bottom of tree and notify cashier that flameproofing has been completed.
  2. On notice that flameproofing has been completed.
    1. Sign off entry in flameproofing pages.
    2. Pull the Onsite Order form and mark form as “Ready to Deliver”.
1.8 Processing Donations to Nativity
  1. If donation is made during checkout, add “Donation” item to Square receipt. This is described as a “charitable gift” so buyers will be able to use it for tax purposes.
  2. If cash donation is made after checkout, enter “Donation” item on Square.  If customer does not want a receipt for donation, send receipt to cashier@nativitytrees.com.