Volunteer Jobs

At least two or more Tree Lot Committee members will be on hand at all times in order to provide guidance. However, it would be helpful if volunteers could familiarize themselves with the responsibilities of their position as described in the pages linked in the sidebar. The different volunteer jobs include:

Volunteer Job Description
Cashiering Process purchases using the iPad Square App, take payment, schedule deliveries and flameproofing, provide general information.
Committee MemberTake role in upfront planning, and time-share lead supervisory role during tree lot open hours.
Deliveries Load/unload delivery pickup trucks, deliver trees to customers.
Food & DrinksProvide snacks, lunch or dinner, together with drinks.
Lot FloaterVaried tasks: spinning trees, tying trees on cars, watering, etc.
Setup / Teardown Setup and teardown of tree lot tents, tree racks, electrical layout, and office area. 
Stand InstallationTree cutting, and installation of tree stands. For experienced volunteers only.
Truck Unloading Unload large delivery trucks, tally, relabel and stock trees. 
Wreath MakingDecorate traditional and Advent Wreaths.